Woolly Crew at the Vintage Roost LLC

It’s the Holiday Season and craft/vintage fairs are happening. This year I jumped into showing the wool crew at The Vintage Roost in North Albany. Doors open for three consecutive Fri/Sat starting November 19th. Debbie makes her space so inviting and festive. This will be my second time in her space.

Event detail: November 19/20, 26/27, December 3/4. Location: 935 NW Scenic Drive, located 1/2 mile off Hwy 20. Shop Hours: 10-5pm.

What do I actually have there for sale? Holiday ornaments (bears-polar, brown, black, rudolph reindeer), Sheep (larger with wool curls and santa hats & smaller with combed out long wool), Tomte/Gnomes on hazelnut logs, a couple bird heads, sheep laundry balls, woolly critters (badgers, foxes & chickens).

Hope you can make the event!


Ox on Display

Year of the Ox: Red

Red is still on display at The Arts Center in Corvallis Oregon. She, yes I call it a SHE even though oxen are considered male, will be on view until April 17th, 2021. This was my first large scale felted animal head and it won’t be my last!

Fun facts about the sculpture:

All the core wool was harvested from sheep belonging to friends near Philomath, OR and processed by me. Over 3.5 pounds of core wool was used and shaped into the ox head. The “top coat” or colored wool, from Italy, was needle felted onto the core wool sculpture. Aluminum wire was used to give internal structure to the ears and horns.

Red is based on one of the oldest and endangered heritage breed cattle in the United States called the American Milking Devon. It originated with a small herd of British North Devon cattle delivered to the Americas in 1623. This is one of the truest triple purpose cattle, providing milk, meat, and draft. Only a few remain in small pockets around the USA, mainly on the East Coast.